7 reasons it’s a great investment

Heard about the superpowers of ducted vacuum cleaners (central vacuum cleaners) but still not sure if you should buy it for your home? Well, by the end of this article, you’ll be convinced it is a good investment for your household.

Read on to know 7 reasons why you must choose ducted vacuum to keep your house clean and tidy.

Reason#1 – Ducted Vacuums Are Cost Effective and Last Longer

Did you know that a ducted vacuum system cost approximately the same as the high quality portable portable vacuum cleaners?  However, the significant differences are that ducted vacuums last comparatively longer (up to five times), are sturdier and require low maintenance. All these factors add up to a cost-effective purchase.

Reason#2 – Ducted Vacuums Are Beneficial to Your Health and Allergy Friendly

Every day we inhale millions of contaminating particles around the house. In fact, the typical home collects 20 kg of dust every year! Along with other environmental allergens, this can have a significant consequence on health, particularly for asthma patients and allergy sufferers. Portable vacuum cleaners free dust particles, harmful bacteria and allergens back into the surroundings.  Ducted vacuums eliminate 100% of all dust particles, harmful microorganisms, allergens and toxic odors, generating a better living atmosphere for you and your family. Reason#3 – Ducted Vacuums Are Easy to Use No tripping over the entangled vacuum pipe. No booming noises to divert your family members.  No unsafe electrical connections to harm the kids. More comfortable and quicker vacuuming and a lot limited bodily strain. Ducted vacuums are indeed more convenient than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Reason#3 – Ducted Vacuums Are Limited Maintenance Systems

They are made to hold large volumes of dirt, with a holding capacity multiple times that of a portable vacuum. The dust filter bags or containers of a ducted vacuum require replacing only three to four times a year. Reason#4 – Ducted Vacuums Are Convenient to Install You do not require any special skills to install a ducted vacuum cleaner. The vacuum systems come with DIY installation kits and instruction manuals for convenient installation.

Reason#5 – Ducted Vacuums Are More Powerful

A ducted vacuum cleaner has up to 5 times more strength than most traditional portable vacuum systems. The robust motors used in ducted vacuums ensure heavy dust suction from your expensive carpets, delicate furnishings, and rugs, mats, both guarding them and making them durable.  They also work wonders on curtains. And even with very powerful motors they are much more quiet than portable vacuum cleaners.

Reason#6 – Ducted Vacuums Are Better at Cleaning

Ducted vacuum cleaners are versatile and can be used for a variety of cleaning needs. Rugs, thick floors, drapes, curtains, etc., can all be cleaned with a ducted vacuum cleaner. You can even vacuum the fur coats of your pet! Though it can’t be guaranteed your pet will enjoy the experience! The pipe and inlet valves help you to clean all sections of your house effortlessly. And they tidy away after use easily and fuss free.

Reason#7 – Ducted Vacuums Are Insured

Since a ducted vacuum cleaner is a fixed item. in your home, it is covered by building insurance. This will ensure that you have a total peace of mind in case any repairs are required.