What Is a Ducted Vacuum?

Everything you need to know

Ducted vacuum cleaners, also known as central vacuum cleaners, are easily installed in your home. They provide powerful and quiet cleaning. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners - which are movable pieces that are pulled around the house – ducted vaccuum systems are installed in the building. They are typically installed when a home is being constructed or renovated

It is also possible to install a ducted vacuum system in an existing property. Ducted vacuum cleaners are a great cleaning system for your home, with no electrical cords to disentangle or assemblies to move. All you need to do is just plug the hose in to a conveniently located inlet point and commence cleaning.

Ducted vacuums are designed for residential or commercial installations and have also established a place in businesses like salons.

How Does it Work?

Piping is attached to a motor which produces the suction for the ducted vacuum system. Inlets are installed at convenient locations throughout the home, plugging the hose in to the inlet point initiates the operation. There is also the the option of installing a vacusweep point in the kitchen, which is great for quick cleanups.

Parts of a Ducted Vacuum Cleaner

A ducted vacuum cleaner comes with four fundamental parts:

A power unit: usually placed in the garage, inside a storeroom or with some models, outside.

PVC ducting: fitted inside walls and/or below the floor. The PVC ducting unites the power unit with the inlet valves.

Inlet valves: Conveniently placed throughout the home. When you clean your house, you connect the vacuum hose to the inlet valve in the are you would like to clean.

Vacuum hose and accessories: The lightweight pipe, typically 9-12 meters in length, attaches to an inlet valve. Multiple attachments for various cleaning requirements, such as solid floors, rugs, carpets, car interiors, etc., connect to the hose.

Advantages of Ducted Vacuum Cleaners

There are numerous advantages to having a ducted vacuum cleaning system in your home or premises, including: Convenience: Ducted systems remove the requirement to shift, move or store a cleaner - No heavy lifting! Reduced noise, a treat for the ears: Motors are adjusted in a secluded location, so sound in the house is minimum - so much quieter than a portable vacuum! Powerful performance: Ducted systems come with motors which are much more powerful than regular vacuum cleaners for more efficient cleaning. The average portable vacuum system has a motor diameter of 90mm, a ducted vacuum motor can range from 145mm to 193mm depending on the power of the unit. Active cleaning: Strong suction control ensures all allergens are eliminated from the home and all dirt is captured 100% filtration: With the strong suction provided by the power unit, the ducted system is able to remove 100% of dust and allergen particles from your home.

Ducted vacuums are deemed by some to be costly when it comes to buying and installing the system. However, for an average three-bedroom home, the installation of a ducted vacuum system can cost between $900 to $1400 inclusive of GST.